As our customer, what is especially important to you? How do you feel about the services we offer and about working with us? What are your expectations? We would really like to know!

  • 93 percent of our customers would recommend us.
  • Customers rated the quality of projects with K+S as “very good” to “good”. Communication with our staff was rated as especially favourable.

(We have been carrying out regular customer surveys in cooperation with the Institute for Business Administration at the University of Kassel since 2002.)

Feedback motivates our team since it helps us see where we are on the right track. We also take criticism very seriously as it gives us the opportunity to make adjustments and improve. Our customer surveys provide the basis for identifying areas where we can act to resolve issues.

Besides our customer surveys, we also maintain a complaint management system: Is there anything you are not satisfied with? What can we do? As our customer, you can be sure that we take your comments seriously and deal with them appropriately.

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