Recycling salt slag, refilling salt flux stocks, filter dust disposal. If you can take care of all these with a single call, then you are probably already our customer.
Why? Because only K+S offers all these services from a single source.

Comprehensive service for the secondary aluminum industry

The REKAL® plant is situated less than 200 meters from the winding shaft where the raw materials for the salt flux originate. Just next to that is the potash tailings pile, which has been recultivated using a substrate made from your salt slag. As you can see, we get the bigger picture and strive to create a system that can add value on multiple levels:

  • A single point of contact for all services
  • Considerable recycling capacity and salt flux quantities
  • Safe and clever utilization and removal of filter and grinding dust in decommissioned sections of K+S potash mines
  • Maximum recycling rate due to open circuit and regular customers for salt slag
  • Great salt flux quality
  • Simplification of transport and handling, even international (including avoidance of empty trips through combined acceptance and delivery)