K+S Baustoff-Recycling GmbH processes your soil and your construction and demolition waste in large quantities and if needed, at short notice.  The site is located east of Hannover within easy reach of lorries and barges.

You would like to dispose of these or other related non-hazardous, mineral waste types:

  • excavated soil
  • construction and demolition waste
  • track ballast
  • asphalt
  • solid waste from soil remediation

This is only possible with an expert opinion. And if questions on that opinion arise, especially regarding the technical terminology often used, we would be pleased to answer them. If there are any documents missing, we usually notice right away. And should your waste not be suitable for our project ‘recultivation of tailings’ piles we will recommend an appropriate alternative.

Protect + Green

Your excavated soil as well as construction and demolition waste can be sensibly disposed of at our project to recultivate the tailings pile in Sehnde near Hannover. The material forms a thick wedge of debris underneath the outer top layer which is covered by vegetation. So it prevents salt from leaching out from the pile. Little by little, a green surface emerges which enhances view of the landscape and offers a recreational area. It also prevents saline rainwater as an aftereffect of previous potash processing.