In Vitry-sur-Seine, a pharmaceutical company planned to expand its biotechnology research centre. K+S Entsorgung was there on site on behalf of the decontamination specialist Séché Eco Services.

For many years cancer drugs were produced at the site where the expansion was planned. During the soil decontamination phase several hazardous substances including mercury and asbestos were detected. From the initial approval to transport to underground deposit, their disposal was carried out by K+S Entsorgung.

All along the line

When transporting waste across borders, official permission is necessary from both countries, in this case France and Germany. ‘This is where the 150 pages of documents come in’, explains K+S Entsorgung Project Manager Jerry Steinbach. ‘And just as the project was getting under way, the French environmental regulatory authorities were going through a restructuring process. Previously, each department for cross border waste transport had its own environmental office and now they were setting up a single office for the whole country. This meant new contacts, new forms and new certifications! Thus, within the scope of our comprehensive offer, we were able to help the customer acclimate to a completely new system’.

Contact within reach

Although the project managers at K+S Entsorgung speak fluent French, there really is no substitute for having contacts who are from the local area. Two employees located in Reims responsible for handling waste disposal projects for K+S KALI France see to it that everything runs smoothly. ‘As soon as it comes time to get operational activities on the job site started’, says Jerry Steinbach, ‘it's just better if the customer has the opportunity to speak to one of our French colleagues directly’.


More to follow …

More to follow …

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