May 19, 2017

Open house in Zielitz

On May 28, K+S KALI GmbH invites you to a day full of experiences on-site at the Zielitz potash plant. K+S Waste Management will have a stand there with a lot of interesting information.

Experience mining firsthand

K+S Waste Management will be presenting itself with an info stand at the open house at the potash plant in Zielitz. The head of the underground waste disposal plant, Julia Fischer, and Veit Wehmeier from the head office of K+S Waste Management in Kassel will be explaining where, why, and how the company disposes of waste underground.

K+S KALI GmbH is expecting another big turnout, with thousands of visitors from the region. With many choices and exhibits on the spacious grounds it promises to be an entertaining Sunday. Some popular highlights will be having a tour of the imposing and impressive potash plant and visiting the “Kalimandscharo,”  the tallest mountain between Magdeburg and the Baltic Sea.