The original motivation behind the founding of the Waste Management Unit was to find a responsible and future-oriented solution for the unavoidable residues of our modern life. It remains the guiding principle of our work today.

Until the 1970s, when legislators restricted the practice, the depositing of many types of waste in the open was commonplace. In 1972, K+S opened the world's first underground waste disposal plant in Hesse's Herfa-Neurode with enough capacity for the decades ahead. Today, underground disposal remains the safest solution for hazardous waste.

Since then, we have expanded our range of services. But two things remain the same in all areas of our work: the importance of safety and our awareness of the responsibility we bear.

100% dedicated to safety

Whenever hazardous substances are analysed, transported and stored, compliance with standards and regulations is essential – throughout the entire service chain from the point of origin to the destination. This is only possible if these standards are firmly rooted in a company’s culture. Every day, we work to ensure it stays that way.

Being 100% committed to safety means that we always double check everything and remain constantly alert. One of our key principles is that we do not take risks just to achieve a profitable business. Our customers know this and appreciate this security.

Cooperation – we set the bar high

Our partners, from suppliers to logistics providers, must meet the same requirements that we do. Companies who meet our high standards for accuracy and reliability can expect a fair, respectful and long-term partnership.